Seiji Aino Edit

Due to her love for Akane, Yuzu initially despised Seiji and saw him as a love rival, though Seiji does not really see her the same way. She tried to find ways to get Akane to break up with Seiji, but to no avail especially since Akane is obsessed with him. Seiji, however, always shows concern for her well-being and did his to cheer her and make her feel stronger, showing how much he actually cares for Yuzu. Since then, Yuzu had begun developing genuine romantic feelings for Seiji, though she was in constant denial about these said feelings. She is often shown blushing whenever Seiji does her a kind gesture and at the thought of her kissing him, trying to claim that she is only trying return the favor. Yuzu may have completely admit to it, but she truly fell in love with Seiji and eventually becomes happy being in a relationship with him.

Akane Hiyama Edit

Yuzu's older half-sister, and her main love interest. Yuzu claims to have been in love with Akane since their childhood after she defended her from their twisted cousin Shikimi. However, this "love" is only one-sided or unrequited as Akane is in love with only Seiji and is consistently cold and apathetic towards her sister. Despite this, Yuzu declares that she still loves her sister no matter what will continue to protect her.

Guri Edit

The two became best friends after Guri writes Yuzu's name in the Kiss Note. The two are often seen hanging out and playing together trying to make more love bloom in their town.

Shiramine Shikimi Edit