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Kichōgasaki Yuzu




December 21

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Yūki Nagano (Japanese)

Monica Rial (English)

Yuzu Kichōgasaki (蝶 ヶ 崎 袖 袖 Kichōgasaki Yuzu) is one of the protagonists of the anime and manga Renai Bōkun, she is a high school student, and she has feelings for Akane Hiyama. Akane is also her half-sister.


Younger half-sister of Akane, sharing the same father. She is in love with Akane, both as a sister and as a woman, although she later also develops some feelings for Seiji. Immensely protective of her sister, Yuzu often stalks Akane wherever she goes (which Akane is fully aware of and pays no mind to). She becomes good friends with Guri and Seiji, despite an initial rocky start. Yuzu is also added into their harem, when Guri adds her name in the Kiss Note to Akane and Seiji's anger. Yuzu possesses the ability to conjure a powerful (yet unexplained) defensive barrier that can defend her from everything between Akane's knives to an oncoming truck. Due to her barrier ability, Yuzu found it difficult to make friends in her youth as her peers feared her for it. Guri becomes fast friends with her, however, after complimenting her ability as cool and later sharing her love for male romance with Yuzu.

Appearance Edit

Yuzu is a somewhat petite girl that appears to 16-17. She has light skin, shoulder-length blonde hair, and green eyes.

Personality Edit

Yuzu deeply idolizes her older half-sister Akane to the point of infatuation. Although her romantic advances are always turned down, she is nonetheless persistent in her pursuit of Akane. She has been in love with Akane ever since she rescued her from being tormented by Shikimi when she was little.

Because of her love for Akane, Yuzu initially hated Seiji as a love rival, but her views of him have gradually become more positive as Seiji protects her and accompanies her to hell to rescue Guri. It is implied that she may be developing romantic feelings for Seiji though she does not show because of her tsundere personality.

A major aspect of Yuzu's personality is loyalty. In addition to her extreme loyalty to Akane, she is also loyal to Guri, and to a lesser extent, Seiji. She has proven that she is willing to risk her life and go through great lengths to protect her friends.

Like Guri, Yuzu likes reading BL manga. She has a very negative relationship with Shikimi.

Abilities Edit

  • Shield Generation: Through unknown means (possibly a genetic trait) she is able to produce a rainbow colored shield to protect herself from most types of harm.

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Starting from Episode 1

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