Seiji Aino

藍野 青司


Aino Seiji

  • Human
  • Formal Angel





March 15th







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First Appearance

Episode 1

Voice Actor

Kensho Ono (Japanese)

Austin Tindle (English)

Seiji Aino (藍野 青司 Aino Seiji) is the main protagonist of anime and manga Renai Bōkun. He is a high school student and older brother of Akua Aino.

Biography Edit

Seiji was a more-or-less level headed individual, who had a crush on Akane Hiyama but was too afraid to confess his feelings. He led a normal life until a strange girl named Guri appeared on his doorstep and told him he needed to kiss a girl.

As a result of a misunderstanding, Seiji saw Akane's true self which was a possessive and violent girl who was not all what he imagined. Guri soon used a book called the Kiss Note to make them a couple but became apart of it herself, due to wanting to experience love for herself. Because of this, they are all effectively immortal (but they still feel pain) and if Guri fails to do her job all the people connected to her this way will cease to exist altogether.

Very soon, Akane's sister joined the harem, giving Seiji even more trouble to deal with. Seiji is now forced in trying to please all the women around him without hurting them. He, like all the others except for Guri, are minor angels as Guri made them all into a relationship together.

Appearance Edit

Seiji is a light-skinned young man of average height who appears to be 17-18 years old. He has blue pointed hair and large eyes with tiny blue pupils. He is usually seen wearing a school uniform consisting of a white long sleeve t-shirt, black pants, black-red diagonal striped tie and green tennis shoes with yellow and white parts.

Personality Edit

Seiji is a fairly level-headed individual that was just a normal high school student before meeting Guri. Although he only has romantic feelings for Akane, he cares about the rest of the harem, as shown by how he frequently protects Yuzu and went on a daring rescue mission to hell to save Guri.

In spite of Akua's often hostile demeanor to him, he cares a great deal about his little sister and risked his life on two occasions to protect her from Stolas.

Although wary of Shikimi, he is willing to cooperate with her when the situation warrants it.

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Trivia Edit

  • In Japanese, Aino means 'love of', also blue.
  • Seiji [sei-ji] as a boys' name is pronounced SAY-jee. It is of Japanese origin, and themeaning of Seiji is "lawful; manages affairs of state".

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