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The first human she meets and develops a relationship with. Due to a misunderstanding, Seiji kisses Guri despite her being a stranger thinking that they must kiss to seal some kind of contract. Guri seems to enjoy playing with Seiji's emotions and loves for him to play "the straight man" to her silliness and whimsical demeanor. After he tries to protect her from Akane's assault, she reveals that she is an angel/cupid and made Seiji and Akane a couple, but decided to add herself to the relationship as well, stating that while she may not truly understand love she still fell for Seiji. The two seem to share a rather comedic relationship, with Guri playing the role as the "funny girl" and Seiji her "straight man", as Seiji often tries to get Guri to take her role as a cupid seriously and not whimsically and sometimes randomly creating couples for own amusement. Seiji even reprimands her from randomly kissing him, walking around naked and making dirty jokes, much to Guri's childish nature.

She was once referred to as a stray cat who just comes and goes, given how she mostly lives with Seiji and his family, constantly eating their food and taking baths. Guri was often put into trials for her supposed love for Seiji because she was clueless about what true love is, until Shikimi convinced her that Seiji does not really care about her causing Guri to become a devil who works to destroy love. As a result, Seiji felt guilty for turning her into a demon and ventured into Hell in order to find Guri and turn her back to normal. It was then where he personally asked her what she wants from him, causing Guri to truly fall in love with Seiji, giving him a lovers kiss and confess her love desiring for him to love her in return.

Akane Hiyama Edit

A love rival for Seiji's heart, though its mostly heated on Akane's part with Guri treating her like a friend and co-lover of Seiji. Akane vehemently dislikes Guri foe "stealing" Seiji from her and sees her as a big thorn on her side. Akane has every intention of getting rid of or killing Guri, but due to Guri being an angel she could not die or feel any pain making the psycho's efforts futile, though it does no stop her from trying. Because of her apparent hatred towards the cupid, Akane hates seeing Guri anywhere near Seiji which usually results in comical assault.

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