Episode 3
Season 1, Episode 3
Post Date

April 20, 2017

Written by

Natsuko Takahashi

Directed by

Atsushi Nigorikawa

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"I Can Handle This Myself! x Wassup" is the third episode of the anime Renai Boukun, it was released on April 20, 2017.

Summary Edit

After colliding with Guri naked in the bathroom Akua learns that his brother has 3 girlfriends and punishes him. Yuzu tries to befriend Akua to learn Seiji's secrets, however Akua is quick to defend his brother, accidentally revealing his own feelings for him. The three are approached by Stolas, a demonic penguin who is obsessed with Akua and who Seiji had rescued as a child. Guri tries to approach Stolas only to be shot down by him in one movement. Seiji appears and saves Akua in the same way he did as children, while Stolas accidentally hits himself and is arrested by riot police. Guri asks Seiji on a date and they end up observing a discussion between another guy and the women he was cheating on his girlfriend with. Seiji gets shot in the fight and is hit up, during which a fallen candle burns the note of the kiss to the ashes. Seiji is informed by Korari that no Kiss Note has been destroyed before anyone knows what the effect will be. The next day Akane ignores Seiji and concludes that with the loss of the Kiss Note all the couples whose names were inside have been broken, including Seiji and the girls. Suddenly they were approached by Tiara, a fellow cupid and friend of Guri who shows them that all the other couples are still together without the Kiss Note. Then she gives Guri her own Kiss Note as a replacement since she is retiring from being a Cupid due to being pregnant. Akane appears suddenly, angry because Seiji had not chased her as she wanted, the reason she had been pretending to ignore him, and was kissing him before repeatedly stabbing him. Fortunately, Guri had already reintroduced their names into their new Kiss Phone, redoing their formal harem and restoring their immortality just in time. A pink-haired girl in glasses looks at them with interest.

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